Learning the game of golf can be a daunting task. Our talented instructors will create a personal game plan directed towards reaching your goals. Members of the Professional Golf Association of America (PGA) are recognized experts in teaching and growing the game of golf. Our instructional staff has been trained by the PGA of America, the most trusted name in golf.

Philip KohnkenPhilip Kohnken, PGA - Director of Instruction 

Cell (text or call): 847-830-6490 
Certifications: Athletic Development Model, Dr. Kwon's Golf Biomechanics Levels 1 & 2

Swing Philosophy - There are 2 objectives in golf, consistency and entertainment. With technology and many swing methodologies, my goal is to find the swing and mindset that fits so that we can have fun on the course every time.

Eyoel T Headshot"Philip is a super good golf instructor. He explains things extremely well.  He helps me when I get stuck on things.  He's not just a golf instructor, he is my friend and I love going.  Philip teaches in a fun way that helps me learn easily."  - Eyouel T. 


Eli Mangni Headshot"It's not every day you find a genuinely nice guy that loves to help others, but I found that in Philip Kohnken. Two years ago, I picked up the game of golf to get away from what's going on in the world, but little did I know I would find a passion and drive that helped me find some confidence once again in my life. Philip has helped me battle through adversity, celebrated with me through successes, but most of all been there for me regardless of the outcome. I'm honored to call him my coach and good friend."

 - Eli Mangni


Brad Dally, PGABrad Dally, PGA 

Cell (text or call): 509-631-0504

Teaching Philosophies:
There are a multitude of different body shapes and sizes. Whatever the shape or size one must learn how to accomplish two fundamentals. Club head path and club face angle at impact to produce desired ball flight focusing on setup, extension on take away by synchronizing the hands, arms, shoulders, hips and through impact hips, shoulders, arms, hands while maintaining spine angle and a solid balanced landing maximizing weight transfer to accomplish potential ball speed. In some cases I don’t “cut down the tree and replant” so to speak do to age or physical limitations. Arnold Palmer said it best “Swing your Swing”.

LPGA ”Teaching Women”
Club Fitting Certifications:
Titleist, Ping, Callaway, Taylormade, Wilson and Cobra.

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